Primary Care Adult Medicine

We provide preventive health care and we diagnose and treat medical problems in adults (age 18 and older). We recommend and arrange diagnostic tests and consultation with subspecialty physicians when needed, and we help integrate your medical care so that you understand what care you need, why you need it, how the care is provided, and what options for care are available to you.

Geriatric Health Care

People are living longer now than they were even 10 years ago. As people age, they often develop health problems that require special attention. Our providers have extensive experience in evaluating and treating older individuals. Our experience includes management of acute and chronic health problems through our office and in adult and skilled nursing facilities.

Learn more about Dr. Michael Wolff and Dr. Prabhakar Chava, board certified physicians in Geriatric Medicine.

Occupational Health Care

Businesses have special needs with regard to the health and safety of their most valuable resource – their employees. For over 20 years we have provided a wide array of health services tailored to meet the needs of businesses both small and large. Visit our occupational health page for more information.

We offer specialized services in the following areas: