For over thirty years we at Capital Healthcare Associates have provided medical services both in our office and in the hospital inpatient setting.

However, hospital inpatient care and outpatient primary care have become increasingly specialized. The focus of primary care is has turned to providing patients better access to timely outpatient medical services in an effort to avoid hospitalization by promoting preventive health services and by better managing chronic health conditions.

The physicians of Capital Healthcare Associates have adopted the widespread practice of relying upon Hospitalist Physicians at each of the area hospitals to care for our patients when our patients are hospitalized. We have established relationships with these physicians so that we will exchange important medical information promptly when our patients are hospitalized. This will insure continuous, uninterrupted medical care.

Be assured that, if you are hospitalized, we will remain in contact with our Hospitalist colleagues and we will see you promptly in our office after you leave the hospital.